Let's Get Started

Hello , you two. Welcome to your wedding questionnaire!

Thank you so much for sharing the inner details of your day. This helps me gain a better understanding of the big picture along with any small, significant details so I can capture it all as best and as authentically as possible.

If you have any questions, let me know! Once you share your details, I’ll begin working on your photo schedule and share it with you both!



Golden Hour, or an hour before sunset, is the best time for portraits since the sun light is the softest and warmest. Would you like to use this time (about 10 - 15 minutes) to take portraits? Also, highly recommend!

Such as special traditions, anything unique you're doing or things you'd like me to capture?

This will help me when gathering people for photos.

I like to reach out to them before the wedding so we can work together more seamlessly.

When we post pictures we like to recognize all of the vendors that where a part of your day as well. If you will provide a list of anyone that should be recognized. Examples: Where did you buy your dress, Wedding Planner, Florist, Cakes, Caterers, Tux's (Grooms Outfit), etc.


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